Manual for OpenEstate-ImmoTool


We like to thank all participants in the OpenEstate project and alle Open Source developers. Without your support this project would not have been possible.

This manual is free of charge

This user manual was created as a part of the OpenEstate project. Its contents (texts and images) are freely available for personal use. A commercial distribution requires a written permission by the authors (see "License for the user manual"). Any third party modifications to this manual also have to published under the same license conditions.

This manual is incomplete

This user manual documents OpenEstate-ImmoTool and OpenEstate-ImmoServer in its current state of development. Both applications are actively developed. Therefore this manual might not always be up to date. But we are trying our best to add and updates its contents as soon as possible.

Contributions are welcome

Users and developers are cordially invited to help us with the completion of this manual. Feel free to send us your comments or suggestions for improvements via GitHub or ticket system.

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