Manual for OpenEstate-ImmoTool

Directories of ImmoTool

ImmoTool operates on different directories on the hard drive.

Application directory of ImmoTool

The application directory contains the installed files necessary to run ImmoTool.

  • On Windows systems the path C:\Programme\OpenEstate-ImmoTool is used by default. But during the installation process the user might select another location.

  • On macOS systems it depends, where the application bundle was copied to during the installation. By default the application bundle should be located at /Applications/ The application directory itself is located inside the application bundle in the Contents/Resources subfolder.

  • If the Debian package (or Debian repository) was used on Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint or similar for installation, the application is located at /opt/OpenEstate-ImmoTool.

  • If the TAR.GZ package was used on Linux for installation, it depends where the extracted folder was moved to.

The application directory contains a bin subfolder with several scripts and applications for ImmoTool.

ImmoTool does not write any files / data into to the application directory. It only reads from this directory.

Data directory of ImmoTool

If a user starts ImmoTool for the first time, the program will automatically create a folder called OpenEstate-Files in his home directory. This folder contains data and settings for ImmoTool exclusively for this user.

This folder is used by ImmoTool to write certain data during its runtime (e.g. protocols or temporary files).

Project directory of ImmoTool

If a project is created within ImmoTool, the user can choose the location of the project directory for himself. By default the application stores the project directory into the projects subfolder of the data directory.

Plugin directory of ImmoTool

The plugin directory contains the extensions (addons) as ZIP files loaded by ImmoTool. There are two locations, where addons can be stored:

  1. In the application directory there is a plugins subfolder. The administrator of the operating system may place addons here, that are available for all users of the operating system.

  2. In the data directory of each user there is also a plugins subfolder. The user may place addons here, that are only available for himself.

While ImmoTool is starting both directories are synchronized. If both folders contain the same addon in different versions, the application will load the newer version.

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